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There you are...

Are we glad to see you! Just for a fleeting moment, we thought you’d ambled off to one of those namby pamby production sites that tell you they’re “awesome” and that they exist in some special and unique amniotic bubble of unrivalled creativity. Yet they still manage to churn out videos that look like they’ve been shot by Tigger wielding a Super 8 whilst contesting the National Pogo Stick Championships.

Our take on audio and video is pretty straightforward by comparison. No desperate hyperbole, no deluded self-aggrandisement. Attention to detail, thought, planning, artistry and a keen eye on your audience.

That’s what we promise.

Steeped in a rich broadcast background, the good fellas at Wonkana are sticklers for great production. Be it a podcast that reaches out to tell the story of your business and connects with customers, or a fluid video that lends beautiful production values to your brand – there’s a platform to suit most briefs and budgets.

We know that one of the real bugbears in this net savvy age is online media that gets drowned by the cacophony of marketing white noise. Link up with us and it’s a given that your message won’t be lost, forever drifting amidst a directionless soup of awful video blogs and soporific corporate videos.

Let’s speak about your aims, who you want to reach and how we’ll get you there.

Our production skills are many and varied, so have a good nosey around our site and get a sense of what we’re capable of. In our hands, your video or audio presence will be enhanced by a team who have been there and made the mp4.

Whichever route you take, Wonkana promises imagination.