The next voice arriving at Paddington will be…

July 18, 2014 at 10:43 am / by

Colin Firth tends to have the hand of Midas.

From dashingly soaked Romeos to hesitant but ultimately triumphant monarchs, Firth conquers all. Apart from Paddington Bear. Yes, finding a suitable voice style for the upcoming movie about Mr P Bear has eluded the usually multi faceted actor. The producer and director, David Heyman and Paul King, charged with overseeing a surprising abundance of CGI marmalade sandwiches had this to say :

“Colin was brilliant, but his voice was too mature…..what we needed was a slightly more open, younger voice.”

We all have our favourite actors and voices; I know Michael Horden will take some beating to my mind. A perverse side of me thinks Sir Ian McKellen would have made a striking sounding stowaway bear – all sibilant S’s and dramatic enunciation. But what kind of voice is up to this hirsute and cuddly job? Ben Whishaw by all accounts. The newest quartermaster in the 007 franchise is now officially the voice of Darkest Peru’s most famous export.

Using the right voice and delivery for all kinds of projects is paramount. From e-learning to video production, imaging on podcasts or even the “Voice of God” announcements at a conference. It should strike the correct note and blend of what you’re looking for.

Sadly, many of the SME video providers are clueless when it comes to scripting, recording and producing a top drawer voiceover.

I shall give them all a Paddington Bear hard stare.



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