I don’t want to share!

August 5, 2014 at 3:14 pm / by

Its been going on for far too long. The cult of sharing needs to expunged from social media. Every day without fail, my timeline asphyxiates under a humungous plastic bag of robotic RTs for other people’s articles on the Retweeter’s so called area of expertise. Yes, I understand the theory; reflected credibility, vicarious competence.

Utter rubbish.

You can’t move on Twitter for alleged video production companies re posting the blogs, thoughts and theories of someone far more capable than they are. Allow me to try and get a handle on this. You churn out mediocrity and yet your RT of not even slightly repackaged ideas that came from sombody else are somehow meant to confer ability and expertise on you? I’m not falling for it and I think it has to stop.

Let me guess. A guy in the States wrote that every business has a story in it. Ooh, there’s a statement positively jumping with innovation! So you thought that if you re posted that searingly insightful observation, a ceaseless estuary of cachet would come flowing o’er your considered self. Take this analogy :

Having read John Osbourne’s assertion that “trouble is, you get used to people; even their trivialities become indispensible”, should I now go out into the great wide world and repeat that phrase as if it was mine? Because that’s what stacks and stacks of businesses are doing in their social media “strategy”. If I want to know what Joe Blow thinks about the use of video, I’ll ask him.

What I’d really like to know is what you think. Try and have an original thought.




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