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It’s an all too familiar sight. A business wants to further bolster its pockets and delights in telling you about their all new service.Their new, unrelated service. Now you can get painting, decorating and SEO all under one roof. Of course they may well have drafted in an SEO aficionado to work his or her amorphous necromancy. In which case all power to their synovial hinge joint.

There’s also a good chance they read a couple of Google articles on the subject and rapidly morphed into self appointed experts.

Dilution. That’s what I think is wrong.Watering down the current offering purely for profit purposes and not a hint of skill, talent or experience in the chosen and new field. Of course I’m not immune to the emergence of some genuine exceptions to this rule of thumb. On the whole however, it seems to be opportunism and cynicism that drives the “and we also do…” statement.

Since the incubation of Wonkana Productions, we have always produced audio and video. At the core of our services are also music composition, event presenting and creative writing. There are a few other areas that would be a perfect fit for us, e-learning being one of them. That’s why we’re providing supplementary services to a company that already designs and implements such learning. They are the expert and what we do can enhance what they do. To me that is a bona fide example of mild diversification. Some of the other less credible examples that I witness on planet SME shall elicit a disapproving scowl.

You know then ones.





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