Blunt, Bryant and #Wazzockgate

January 19, 2015 at 4:34 pm / by


Highly unimaginative political posturing appears to have seen the Labour member for HollowSoundbites North, Chris Bryant, hoist by his own eminently prejudiced petard. Cited by Bryant as an example of the “privileged background” that allegedly dominates the arts, James Blunt understandably went on the offensive, using that most elitist of accessories, a biro.

As James’ beautifully open and acerbic letter in The Guardian shows, he wasn’t incubated in some Harrovian cashmere-lined petri dish that somehow hurls the next successful singer/songwriter into orbit using a trebuchet fashioned from palladium and operated by a toothless underling on a zero hours contract at minimum wage.

There was no advice. No greasy public school connections to the mercurial world of the record industry and no quick fix. When Ed Sheeran asked who the hardest working artist was, James Blunt was the unequivocal answer. Not a golden ticket from a well connected prefect or a peripatetic showbiz svengali, just unbridled hard work.

Have a listen to the clip above from an interview I recorded with James during his promotion for “Back to Bedlam” and you’ll soon see that for Bryant it’s Back to Bed.




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