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Your marketing video needs it like a plant needs osmosis. I’m not suggesting you are a partially permeable membrane, although all are welcome on this blog. Personality is easily overlooked in the context of video production, especially if it is a relatively “straight” piece like an interview or “talking heads”. The need to convey the key messages and follow a preferred house style will often override what I believe ought to be an essential element of your online video.

There won’t of course always be the luxury of filming natural or eloquent performers. Some will be as nervous as Oldham Athletic’s PR agency.That’s not my point. With video, it’s possible to convey personality in other ways. The edit plays a central role in this process.It might be a smile between answers, a gesture that you’ve captured or some spontaneous moments when you were rolling before the interviewee realised. It was using this technique which allowed us to create the opening sequence for Clive Goulden’s business

Voiceover is another way to reflect the personality of an organisation. Yes, consider the audience and the tone but don’t be afraid to inject some levity if you feel it’s not totally out of place. If you hire a video production company that shoots and edits like they’re trying to emulate big budget tv ads then all they will be interested in is generating something that looks inviting to prospective employers on their showreel. Your video will look and sound like all of their other work and it will wither in a bolus of completely avoidable blandness.

As you can imagine, I’m happy to steer you online video needs whenever you’re ready – 01604 893846.

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