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By rights it should have fashioned a mud pie, made a den in the garden or played Pooh Sticks. As it turns ten, Youtube has doubtless done all those things albeit vicariously. And filmed through a mobile ‘phone or camcorder that prays for the day it will produce a hilarious clip of an elderly relative falling backwards into a paddling pool. Precisely what Youtube has ticked off its wish list is a moot point.

Broadcast Yourself” was Youtube’s bold invitation back in 2005 as co-founder Jawed Karim stood blurrily in front of some elephants. The stats are enough to cause a major incident in the combined frontal lobes of both Stephen Hawking and Stephen Fry.

  • A billion different users each month
  • 300 hours of video uploaded every minute
  • Now owned by Google, making it the ‘net’s 2nd largest search engine

Its chief intention was to provide a simple way for people to upload any video to the internet. As opposed to a way for simple people to upload any old nonsense to the internet.

Let’s not delude ourselves here. Many sectors really struggle with Youtube. Some of our clients have given it a wide berth, preferring the cleaner and more professional look of Vimeo. The appeal of a platform like Youtube is tangible for vloggers like the bloke who looks like most blokes his age who haven’t gone the hipster beard and lumberjack shirt route. Or his girlfiend. Zoella. Which contrary to popular belief is not a Zionist paella. Their intellectually unchallenging content holds hands nicely with the skateboarding cat, the finger biting baby and the extreme ironing OAPs. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a home video with all the production values of scabies got great viewer numbers so therefore yours will too.

Youtube is a great leveller of video production ambition. Make something that looks beautiful with a concise story and count on the fingers of your left hand how many times it’s watched in 12 months. Unless you’ve got a baby that bites a skateboarding cat whilst ironing on the summit of Ben Nevis.





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