Clarkson – please adjust your set ( of values )

March 12, 2015 at 12:14 pm / by

Jeremy Clarkson. A name that acts as an instant polemic. From the incessant social media feeds of the witless and the terminally incensed comes wave after wave of vicarious offence – taking. If Clarkson’s PR reps are on a hashtag bonus, they must surely have dipped themselves in gold by now. It was however pointed out yesterday on national radio that the BBCs Human Resources department would be doing very nicely out of this, thankyou. But why should the production of a tv programme be subject to the dour and conservative leaning HR conventions of the office?

Clarkson is a colourful character. Of that there is no doubt. Many of the perpetually outraged have overlooked one basic and inexorable truth. We are debating a persona. Not Clive from down the corridor who has the same diligent and easy to read attitude to his corporate role, or Lisa in accounts who brings in home made hummus for lunch. This is a performer who has created a character, perhaps exaggerating his own beliefs, but a character nonetheless. Is broadcasting not about sparky and eclectic hosts, quick witted turns and sharp witted purveyors of sarcasm?

“But he hit someone”, comes the cry from slavish followers of the be-nice-to-everyone personnel bible. The same individuals whose pious indignation conveniently overlooks innocent until proven guilty because they smell blood. The blood of someone who takes great pleasure in sitting outside of the joyless pabulum. My seat is pulled up next to yours, Jeremy.




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  1. Kenny Roberts says:

    I’m not entirely sure what your point here is. Well written enough, but lacking something in the final quarter.

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