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Social media has an almost neo hysterical ban on “selling”, or at least that’s what they’d have you believe. No such restrictions on blogging. Or at least if there are, we are turning more of a blind eye than Blind Harry on National Blind Awareness Day. Sometimes you just want to drum away at your laptop keyboard and shout “here we are, we’re very good and what we do would benefit your business in a pretty hefty way.”Allow me to cut to the plug.

For those seeking video production in Northamptonshire (or numerous counties, towns and cities for that matter), you’ve just uncovered a pleasing citadel of video skills and talents. You can expect a heart warming absence of Google generated cliche-stats that some video producers want to broadcast at every turn. Our concern is that your story is told with clarity, fluidity and admirable production values. Is your video best supplemented by one of the UK’s key voiceovers, is library music too derivative for your needs and only a unique composition is able to come up to mustard cutting expectations? If the answer to those questions is “yes” or even “what the hell are you on about?”, then we are humbly at your service.

Video production Northampton will probably yield a hat-full of web results that promise “awesomeness”, “creativity” and other words that not only border on the amorphous, but punch a sasquatch-sized hole through it. Your experience with us on the other hand will deliver clarity, panache and an experience steeped in broadcast heritage and standards.So bend our collective aural appendages about video production; we love it.




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