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May 15, 2015 at 3:41 pm / by

I’m not convinced they are. Positive, superlative and swooning comments yes, but realistic and honest? Probably not. It was on Linkedin that I encountered the troublesome post. We live in an age of contradictions, of paradoxes. I call it the “Age of Antilogy”. Nothing very much seems to make sense. The “Law of Attraction” brigade are busy posting reach-for-the-stars motivational quotes and how you should only say speak if you have something kind to say. Lagging not too far behind are standard bearers for the “what you see is what you get” school of thought. They believe they tell it like it is and give great credence to punctured egos. I want to do neither. I want my comments to be honest.

I’d like the opportunity to post what I really think without the fragile social media / social networking universe caving in on itself. After all, what do we learn if all our critiques embody a fawning nod to American youth speak? We discover that nobody appears to have a mind of their own when it comes to comments and that the most mediocre of blogs/podcasts/video are “awesome”. The original poster claims to be a proponent of self advancement through their insatiable appetite for self help books and sage business know how and yet all they want to hear is “yeah man, your new (insert activity name here) is great”.

This is the stuff that defies online etiquette. It’s true that social media agencies would have me believe you shouldn’t post it if it’s not positive. I can’t be positive. Constructive criticism is achievable; empty praise I’m afraid not. So I publish this blog in the full knowledge that my diplomatically weighted observations over on Linkedin will no doubt be misconstrued and a large, virtual “dislike” icon will hang over my deeply insensitive head.




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