Video audience – that most elusive of creatures

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A strong topic is always worth revisiting and the habits and location of online audience for video is a fluid thing. Our showreel which can be found here touches on the idea of how easily good video may sometimes be seen by painfully small numbers. I see it a lot. Youtube is swimming with the cadaverous mortality of innumerable content. A local business organisation for example, have a portfolio of online video that has been seen on average 75 times in two years. That is dreadful. Make no mistake, you need to stop and re-examine where your audience is and how to reach them if your stats are anything like that. Desist with the delusion.

That there is a cacophony of video marketing white noise “out there” is indisputable. We’re all clamouring to have eyes and ears on our messages and stories. Online communities are shouting themselves hoarse in the desperate desire to be followed, clicked, liked, shared, validated and smothered in cyber approval. The issue I have with this, is that the race to content and its distribution can so easily lead to the lowest common denominator yielding the direst of results. “We must get something out there” has become the mantra that gives us mobile phone filming and the spirit crushing news that “Dave’s brother filmed his own wedding so he can do it.” Corner cutting is not where you want to be. Why showcase a video where every scene looks grubby due to low light, awful sound thanks to the cheap on-board mic and ill composed shots due to Dave’s brother.

Of greater concern are the stats. I didn’t have to look very far at all to see how businesses have used video production in Northamptonshire alone. It’s not a pretty picture. You have to face facts; if your website isn’t well visited, how is a video on your homepage going to notch up great view numbers? Please don’t fall for the cliched catch all of “Youtube is massive these days” as if you’ll release your marketing video onto its hallowed servers and suddenly a huge and tailored made audience will emerge. Unless you are a very well recognised brand, the audience will not magically come to you. Your activity will need to be joined up, sustained and clever to drive viewers.

Video can be a superb piece of your marketing toolkit and should be done by someone who understands audience creation and building.




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