Video – where do you come in?

November 30, 2015 at 2:54 pm / by

Never downplay the role of responsibility.

It comes into everything, even when you use video as a marketing tool. I’m still seeing instances of video work that has been allowed to drift criminally. Often sublime examples of solid camerawork, grading and editing and a princely 53 views over a half year period. This happens more often than you imagine.

It could be so much easier.

There is no need for your video marketing to drift. It does though need room to breathe and a regular investment of time. And no, that doesn’t mean a daily tweet along the lines of “look at our video…” or a prescriptive LinkedIn update with an equally lame and clanking piece of promotion.

Your website is unlikely to have the popularity of youtube or so the way you promote your new video is going to be an ongoing task requiring planning and imagination. Have a regular catch up with some of your colleagues and think about ways in which you can get more eyes on your video. Create promotions around it, generate some fun and interactive stuff with it and don’t shy away from ideas that might seem a little leftfield.

Carry a link to the video in your email signature, shout about it in your newsletters, generate some cryptic ways to draw in viewers; create a reason to view. If you expect to spend a healthy marketing budget on a new video and for it to automatically bring a mass audience with it, you’re in for a terrible surprise.





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