Yes, inevitably it’s about me.

John Rose

Averse as he is to speaking about himself in the third person, John Rose maintains that John Rose is the “shop window” on the business. If teeth could actually be cut, he cut his in assorted radio studios around this green and plastic land. Numerous prestigious slots have been his stock in trade, from the breakfast show to lates and pretty much everything in between.

His artistic side arguably first emerged when put in a front of a piano before reaching ten. Vast experience of interviewing and holding court at large events like Party in the Park and outside broadcasts have left their indelible mark. When he wasn’t encouraging 80,000 people to ready themselves for Sophie Ellis Bextor, John dabbled in television and amongst others, fronted the most successful tv campaign yet for Endsleigh Insurance.

We’re convinced it was the hair dye that did it.

In fact, dubious hair affectations seem to be a running theme. The producers of Stephen Poliakoff’s “Friends and Crocodiles” had to adjust his barnet to play a member of Damian Lewis’ coterie, but thankfully a 1930s police helmet took care of the Rose topknot in Wall to Wall Productions film “Agatha Christie : A life in Pictures”.


A fondness for the interview has put him in front of Sir Ian McKellen, Elijah Wood, The Beautiful South, Texas, James Morrison and a stack more. All these skills that you’ve just absorbed with slack-jawed wonderment are put to good work in Wonkana. Rest assured you won’t get all this anywhere else.