What should great looking, incisive and compelling web video have that warrants parting with a pretty healthy tranche of your marketing budget? It needs to be thorough. Thorough in that interviews are with members of your team who look the most comfortable on screen and give succinct, enlightening replies. Not the rabbit-in-headlights who has already told you three times they don’t want to be in the video.

Is the delivery of these statements cut together in a way that makes sense? A feeling of story and payoff is paramount. It takes an experienced producer with a balanced editorial overview to ensure the end product isn’t merely an exercise in navel-gazing. Your audience will not be roused by a sequence that just keeps shouting “we’re great and we know it”. The creation of “light and shade” between the sound bites of your contributors, a building story arc, a clear call to action and a striking visual style are vital components of web video that does its job. It’s also good to consider appropriate imagery that enhances the story. Perhaps an autumnal scene or a product shot with a particularly fetching shallow depth of field.

Interviewing on camera is a skill. If the questions are being written by the video producer to elicit the answers your audience needs to hear, don’t underestimate the value of this process.
The person who rolls up, starts recording and says “tell us about your business” should set the alarm bells tolling. A really top notch video should encompass numerous factors: Is every shot well composed? Is everything that needs to be in focus actually in focus? Are there a good variety of shot types i.e. tripod, hand held, tracking, jib etc? How does it grab my attention in the opening seconds? Does it reflect the personality of your business whilst telling an engaging story? Great video; it’s not cheap but it’s well worth it.

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